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__With the release of Jeff Toyne's soundtrack album for Chris W. Smith's Shadow in the Trees (2007) as a downloadable album and limited CD, film music fans have another up-and coming composer with a dramatic, refined, and measured style to discover. Read Me !


__Murray Gold recently took time out during his intense schedule to chat about his career as a composer and playwright, composing for television, and scoring the subtleties of comedy - the latter perhaps his greatest contribution to the new Doctor Who series, given so much of each episode's success comes from the exploitation and support of each character's wry and sometimes daffy eccetricities.Read Me !


__Perhaps best known for scoring Hiro, Last Wedding, and the cult films Rollercoaster (1999) and Kissed, we interviewed Don Macdonald before the release of Fido, and the compser talks about his witty soundtrack, and some of the diverse projects he's scored since the 1990s. Read Me !


__"King of the Monster Music Collectors" - [long version] - Interview with Japanese monster movie music collector and website creator Larry Tuczynski. Read Me !


  _August 2007, Issue 70, page 73, "Songs for Sick People " - Interview [short version] with Lucky Mckee's longtime composer, Jaye Barnes Luckett. Read Me !


  _April 2007, Issue 66, page 77, "King of the Monster Music Collectors" - [short version] - Interview with Japanese monster movie music collector and website creator Larry Tuczynski. Read Me !


__Unlike John Frizzell's prior horror scores for Dark Castle's graphic Thirte3n Ghosts and Ghost Ship, The Reaping is a major shift in pacing and style, and is less overtly infused with experimental concepts and harsh, bristling cues. In our discussion we touch upon aspects and conventions of the theological thriller, and the qualities that make the music for The Reaping a noteworthy entry in this oft-visited genre. Read Me at KQEK.com!


_ When Sweden's first vampire film, Frostbite, premiered at the 2006 Toronto International Film Festival, audiences also got their first exposure to the film's versatile composer, Anthony Lledo. Lledo's music was a wonderful treat for genre aficionados, and film music fans in search of a refreshing voice in symphonic film composition. In our Q&A interview, Lledo describes the uniqueness of his breakthrough score, and his position in being one of the few Scandinavian composers whose work is slowly reaching international audiences. Read Me at KQEK.com!


__Following the completion of the horror film Stay Alive, John Frizzell shifted from that score's more experimental, aleatoric style to a fusion of more accessible action-suspense music for Primeval. Like his prior scores, however, nothing's conventional in John Frizzell's latest score, which incorporates traditional African music supervised & recorded on location by the composer. Read Me at KQEK.com!


__After learning the intricacies of film composing with Howard Shore on the Lord of the Rings films, Jeff Grace has slowly been making a name for himself as a daring new film composer. In 2006, Grace scored a trio of horror flicks: the harsh, brilliant music for The Roost, as performed by the Flux Quartet; the haunting ambience of Joshua , and co-scoring, with Anton Sanko, the latest shocker from Larry Fessenden, The Last Winter. Read Me at KQEK.com!


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