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  _December 2006, Issue 63, page 73, "Euro-Shock Sounds" - interview with producer Luca Di Silverio, in a profile of Italy's DigitMovies Alternative Entertainment. Read Me !


__ MovieScore Media label producer Mikael Carlsson talks about his pioneering steps to establish an online soundtrack service, and the success he's enjoyed in making available fresh film music from up-and-coming composers as downloadable MP3 albums. There's several key reasons why the digital format continues to make inroads on the traditional CD format. Read Me at KQEK.com!


__ Composer Elia Cmiral talks about his latest horror score, Pulse, which fuses electronic and modern orchestral writing. Though best-known for his popular scores for Apartment Zero and Ronin, Cmiral's horror and suspense work includes Bones, Stigmata, They, and Wrong Turn. Read Me at KQEK.com!


__ Composer Christopher Lennertz discusses his Emmy-nominated score for Supernatural, writing dynamic music within the tight scheduling of a successful TV series, and his completed scores for Tortilla Heaven, and Shark Bait. Read Me at KQEK.com!


__ John Frizzell discusses writing for the horror genre, the use of experimental concepts, and fusing electronic and symphonic elements in works like Thir13en Ghosts, Ghost Ship, and Stay Alive. Also highlighted is the score for Lucky Mckee's long-delayed The Woods, and Frizzell's latest work, Primal. Read Me at KQEK.com!


__ Lukas Kendall talks about Film Score Monthly's latest release - the megaset of Elmer Bernstein's legendary Film Music Collection! Spanning 13 albums released during the seventies, the series was funded by the composer himself, and recorded with first-rate musicians and recording engineers. Long a Holy Grail among collectors, Bernstein's re-recorded suites were the only source to enjoy rare, previously unreleased music by Bernard Herrmann, Alfred Newman, Alex North, Miklos Rozsa, Dimitri Tiomkin, and Franz Waxman, and after a nearly 30-year absence, they're back in a limited set. Read Me at KQEK.com!


  _July 2006, Issue 58, page 19 [sidebar], "Sounds of the Underground" - interview with David Julyan, regarding his score for The Descent. Read Me !


__ Best-known for co-composing the mini-classic horror score for the American remake of The Ring, James Michael Dooley discusses his affinity for minimalism, and three unique films in his ever-growing C.V. of diverse projects as solo composer: the recent remake of When a Stranger Calls, the unique documentary The Mars Underground, and Urmel aus dem Eis (a German production later to be released to English audiences as Impy's Island). Read Me at KQEK.com!


__ During the 1970s and 1980s, Kerry O'Quinn, co-founder of Starlog Magazine , produced a series of notable soundtrack albums that today remain benchmarks of quality and production, plus time capsules of a period when the commercial viability of film music was deemed by some as 'foolhardy.' Showcasing the music of Bernard Herrmann, Ferde Grofé, and the still-forgotten Albert Glasser, Part 1 of our lengthy conversation chronicles the launch of Stalog Records, it's unique projects, and O'Quinn's eventual decision to change careers after a long and fruitful involvement with Starlog 's diverse enterprises. Read Me at KQEK.com!


_Issue 54, page 89, "Monstrous Movie Music" - brisk profile of record label Monstrous Movie Music and their latest albums of digitally recorded suites from vintage sci-fi and horror films. Read Me!


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