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_Vol. 9 No. 9, pages 12-14, "Isn't It Incredible?" - interview with Composer Michael Giacchino regarding The Incredibles. Read Me!


  _Vol. 8 No. 9, pages 12-15, "Of Biblical Significance" - interviews with Composer Jeff Danna and director Philip Saville regarding The Gospel of John. Read Me!


  Issue 37, page 8, "Perserverance Records/Robin Esterhammer" interview (archival label profile & CD releases of Denny Zeitlin's Invasion of the Body Snatchers(1977) and David Gale's Dr. Phibes) Read the reprinted interview at Perserverance Records!


  _Vol. 8 No. 5, pages 18-21, "To Miami And Beyond" - Part 2 of a lengthy career examination and interview with Jan Hammer, covering his film and television work. Continuing with the composer's eventual move away from Miami Vice after an exhausting work schedule, Part 2 deals with recent projects such as the BBC's Red Cap, lesser known works for director Jan Nemec, personal observations on the music industry, and revisiting his famous Vice music (and vintage electronic gear) for a new 2-CD album. Read Me!


  _Vol. 8 No. 2, pages 18-21, "Vice Is Still Nice" - Part 1 of a lengthy examination and conversation with Jan Hammer, covering his film and television work. Part 1 focuses on the early years leading up to the meteoric success of Miami Vice, and the composer's ideal prog rock and jazz training that helped bridge the gap between more traditional scoring approaches with popular music. Read Me!


  Issue 35/36, page 8, "Disques Cinemusique/Clement Fontaine" - label profile, & production of CD releases for Georges Delerue & Serge Franklin scores. Read Me!


  _Vol. 6 No. 5, pages 15-17, "Brother Can You Spare A Tune?" - interview with Jeff Danna, regarding the film scores for Green Dragon (co-composed with Mychael Danna), O, Higher Love (aka Uncorked), and the early years writing for television and film in Canada. Read Me!


  Issue 30, page 32, "Elmer Bernstein's Film Music Collections" - lively discussion with the iconic composer regarding his classic series of FMC (Film Music Collection) albums and the Notebooks newsletters from the 1970s. Read Me!


  __Issue 6, pages 54-55, "Oscar Peterson and The Silent Partner" --- Interview & discussion regarding the legendary jazz pianist and composer's only feature-length film score. Tweaked and revised in 2005 for KQEK.COM. Read Me at KQEK.COM!


HOLLYWOOD SCORES, Issue 2, pages 42-50 --- Interview with JOE CURIALE, on writing songs and scores for Television, Features and Short films, plus the politics of Oscar Nominations.


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