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  _May 2010, Issue 100, page 91, "Killing the Silence  " - Interview with Hobgoblin maestro Strephon Taylor, and giving Murnau's Nosferatu a new prog-rock spin. Read Me !


  _January/February 2010, Issue 97, page 19, "Monstrous Moments " - Interview with composer Christopher Gordon, regarding his score for the vampire film Daybreakers. Read Me !

__ Composer Frederik Wiedmann discusses his entry into film scoring, mentor John Frizzell, and his latest horror score as a solo composer, The Hills Run Red. Read Me !

__ Elia Cmiral talks about his latest film scores - the historical WWII film Habermann, and the horror thriller Forget Me Not - as well as working in the digital and classical realms. Read Me !

__ Composer Richard Marvin (U-571) discusses his latest film score for director Jonathan Mostow,Surrogates. Read Me !

__ A conversation with composer Douglas Pipes and writer/director Michael Dougherty regarding the art of crafting a perennial Halloween mini-classic, Trick 'R Treat. Read Me !

__ Witty and BAFTA-nominated composer Daniel Pemberton discusses writing the addictive themes and songs for the TV series Monster Moves (aka Huge MovesImpossible Moves, and Mega Moves). Read Me !


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P A G E ... S I X : Current Interviews

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