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This list assembles all known DVD and Laserdisc releases that have been confirmed by ourselves or colleagues - via print & web media - to possess isolated film music and composer commentary tracks. Qualifying titles must contain isolated music tracks, isolated music & sound effects tracks, a unique audio gallery featuring music not wholly available on CD or LP, a composer commentary with music, a composer commenting as part of a multi-person commentary track, or, if a release comes with a bonus CD featuring an unavailable or hard-to-find CD. Titles with album-length content, like some of Universal's early releases - The Thing, Field of Dreams, Apollo 13, and Dante's Peak - also qualify, whereas discs containing mere snippets of music over menus - such as the Goodtimes release of Halloween 2 - are irrelevant.

We've also excluded releases that feature solely video and audio-only interviews with composers, as these constitute, according to our criteria, featurette-related material. (However, even if there's no actual isolated score, a composer's presence on a commentary track, whether it's over the entire film or a single scene, makes a title eligible.)

Releases containing featurette & composer 'mere mentions' - along with the latest isolated score titles - were covered in an online column written for the now-defunct Music from the Movies, written between 2003-2008. For a complete index of specific titles reviewed online and linked to our Isolated Film Music List, click HERE.

Finally, titles rumoured to have the aforementioned film music features, titles formally announced but ultimately lacking these features upon release, or released titles lacking features in spite of printed liner notes - such as The Man Who Knew Too Little (DVD), 1960's 3 Worlds of Gulliver (Laserdisc), Eye of the Needle (Laserdisc), or 1952's Carrie (Laserdisc) - have also been excluded from our list.

Though we've tried to compile & assess to the best of our abilities a reference catalogue of these unique DVDs & Laserdiscs, collectors pondering a purchase should always request a seller to verify both the catalogue # of a title and the feature itself to ensure they're getting the genuine item.

Additionally, there may be other Region 2 or 4 issues of a particular title throughout Europe or Asia that we haven't been able to confirm, so collectors should research retailers & online outlets accordingly.



Plain white text is used for titles - both DVD and Laserdisc - whose necessary content has been verified by KQEK. Shaded text is used for titles that are reported to contain film music content, but have not been accurately verified by us.

Note: Additional DVD informaton is also available at these excellent sites: Ralf Treuherz' comprehensive DVD Isolated Score List (a great source for European titles in Region 2 and 4 PAL formats, with direct links to in the USA, Germany, and France); and SoundtrackNet, for a broader list of new and older titles.

For laserdiscs, collectors can also find more specific details at the Laserdisc Database (LDDB).



All A-to-Z listings contain four fields of key information: TITLE (which includes studio name, catalogue #, and commercial or "street" release date), REGION coding (for DVDs only), DETAILS (breaking down a disc's key contents), and a cover snapshot, if available, of the actual release. A "-" signifies TITLE details (namely Label, Catalogue #, & Release Date) unavailable at the time of listing.

Certain titles warranting additional information will also be linked to a separate page for a more detailed cue breakdown, full cue list, or comparison with a CD or LP release. Some linked entries may open a separate page, or a small applet.

Found a title we missed? Please feel free to email helpful info, specific release details, or releated links HERE. (NOTE: because of way too much spam, we've left the address field blank. Just type in the following adress - isolatedscores "at" - and then hit send so we can update the section, and keep this resource growing.)

Lastly, special thanks to the Guru at WeaslVision, whose Laserdisc donations made a hefty chunk of this guide possible.

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* October 6/09: Donnie Darko (2001; German 2-disc Director's Cut), Fountain, The (2006; German 2-disc Special Edition), House of 1000 Corpses (2003), and Necronomicon (1993; French 2-disc Special Edition)

* May 8/09: Died Young, Stayed Pretty (2008)


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