What the heck is KQEK?What the heck is KQEK?


KQEK.com is designed as a useful resource for the avid film fan, with original content and convenient links to diverse sites, possessing, in various levels, related or complimentary content.

With regards to DVDs, we cover titles that reflect our tastes - which are admittedly broad and sometimes eccentric - and we enjoy focusing on works that sometimes fall under the mainstream radar. A portion of our DVD archive also contains titles originally part of Told You So [TYS] Productions, a site that specialized in covering both the films and the special features on DVDs. Originally published between 2001 to 2005, we've retained some specially selected reviews from TYS, and much of the corresponding technical specs for each release, as originally gathered by TYS's two founders - Kyle Milligan, and Chris Tinglin.

All DVD, film, and capsule reviews are cross-linked within the IMDB.com (see Awards & Reviews - External Reviews section), and linked within the MRQE.com (Movie Review Query Engine) for your convenience.

All soundtrack reviews (CD, LP, and MP3) are also cross-linked within the IMDB.com (see External Links - Miscellaneous section) and Soundtrackcollector.com (see Soundtrack Information - Reviews section).

All interviews (film or soundtrack) are cross-linked within the IMDB.com (see External Links - Miscellaneous section).


DVD Review InfoDVD Review Info  


Just send us an email ("editor" + the number eleven + "at" + "kqek" + "dot" + "com") with all the vital stats & contact information if you'd like to have your DVD or Soundtrack CD release reviewed by KQEK.com. Please note that we only cover commercially-pressed DVD releases - no DVD-Rs - that are intended for the consumer & collector markets. Unsolicited submissions are acceptable with the understanding that KQEK.com and its writers are not obligated to review a title. Additionally, do not send email with any attachments, as they will automatically be deleted by our filter.


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Book Review InfoBook Review Info  


Our Film Book Review section has a very unique mandate: in addition to covering new film-related works, we will maintain an archive of reviews for long out-of-print and rare publications. Many historical, biographical, and oddball, ephemeral publications, either in paperback or hardbound, have appeared on the market since Terry Ramsaye's classic tome about the silent screen, "A Million and One Nights: A History of the Motion Picture," debuted back in 1926, and we believe our modest reviews will give film fans and researchers, at the very least, a hint of what lies between the aging covers of these somewhat forgotten gems.

Similar to submitting a book for review to KQEK.com's writers, just send an email, with important contact and publicity info. Again please note our terms regarding unsolicited publications, and emails with attachments.


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About Links, User Warrantee, et cetera, et ceteraAbout Links, User Warrantee, et cetera, et cetera  


If you've already perused a few of our reviews, you may have noticed that each title has a few links that have been placed at the bottom end for your convenience. KQEK.com is not responsible for their content nor endorses these private or commercial sites - they're merely handy links to help you leap to more facts for related information.

Many of our pages also feature ads in tastefully positioned locations. While our ad guidelines stipulate specific content standards (like the use of appropriate text & images) KQEK.com is not responsible for, nor participates in, any information collected by our advertisers (including third party companies), and readers are encouraged to carefully research and review an advertiser's privacy and terms of use policies before submitting any info.

Though we make no claims about safety from viruses and such matter, we feel a long and windy legalese novella about 'user risk' and 'warranties' is a bit silly. KQEK.com reviews stuff. You're accessing our humble site for information, a breezy read, or as a procrastination ploy against mowing the lawn, burping the baby, or writing "FADE IN" on that script you refuse to start because you've described the whole story far too often to every person and thing you know - including that ball of fuzz stuck to your monitor.

We presume you're sufficiently savvy when breezing through Internet sites, use anti-spam and anti-virus software (you are using them, right?), and hate pop-up ads and spyware just as much as we do. The only information we gather are basic website stats that include visitor traffic, the kind of browsers and operating systems our visitors use, and the last page from whence visitors came. We don't want email addresses or want to know what brand of shoe polish you use - we're just interested in basic web stats, so our design and advertising rates are respectively functional, and fair.

Officially, our reviews & articles shy away from using the top naughty words because there's generally no need for them when you have a fat thesaurus a foot away (though we admit to having some affection for the term "poopy-head"). And while KQEK.com does review the occasional erotic and weirdo film, we only use DVD cover art supplied by the authorized copyright holders (publicists, etc.) which might be of a mature, but not graphic adult nature. In that regard, the fine works of Herschell Gordon Lewis and Radley Metzger will always have a home with us (because they're special).

KQEK.com provides original reviews, interviews, and other material within a graphically-rich environment which we hope is still pliable when using various operating systems, smarty-pants cellphones, Blackberries, iPhones, or the new Aludium Q-36 Modulator. A review, interview or article may not be reproduced in any form without the written consent of the writer and/or KQEK.com, and must include proper copyright and author/site credit with a link to the original page. All images remain the property of their respective owners. The KQEK.com name, Logo, and all original retro-organic art created for this site are the property of KQEK.com and its owner (me), and may not be reproduced without written consent.

Because KQEK.com and its Mobile site (Kqek.com Mobile) and the Editor Blogs (Mondomark.com, Mondomark.blogspot.com) are heavily linked to the IMDB, it seems natural to add links to various Amazon pages so readers know what's available on Blu-ray, DVD, and other mediums. Further information regarding Amazon ads, linked text, and sundry is available HERE.




Now that we've dispensed with the basic facts, please go forth and explore our archives.

Warmest regards,


Mark R. Hasan

Editor of KQEK.com

September, 2005; revised December, 2010  



KQEK would not be possible without the original TYS design by Kyle Milligan and Chris Tinglin, the impeccable Java coding from Maryam Foruhi (Bob Zwei und Zwoten), and sage advice from Professore Punster.

This site operates within a 100% Velcro- and cabbage-free environment.

Further information on the Editor is available at Mondomark.com, which contains zippy links to the Editor's Blog and further articles and contact info.

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