MIKAEL CARLSSON (soundtrack producer / distributor / writer) MovieScore Media label producer Mikael Carlsson talks about his pioneering steps to establish an online soundtrack service, and the success he’s enjoyed in making available fresh film music from up-and-coming composers as downloadable MP3 albums. There’s several key reasons why the digital format continues to make inroads on the traditional CD format.

JAMES CIRRONELLA (producer) Jim Cirronella discusses the production of the definitive Night of the Living Dead soundtrack CD which features all the Capitol Hi-Q music that director George Romero used to score the film.




TIM FERRANTE (soundtrack producer) Tim Ferrnate discusses Elysee Productions’ debut CD release, Tito Arevalo’s Mad Doctor of Blood Island, and the nature of releasing rare soundtracks composed for cult exploitation shockers.

GEORGE FOX / 2M1 RECORDS (soundtrack producer) 2M1 Records’ co-owner George Fox describes the soundtrack label’s machinations, and the resilience of the compact disc among collectors and audiophile connoisseurs.




LUKAS KENDALL (soundtrack producer / editor / publisher) Lukas Kendall talks about Film Score Monthly’s latest release – the megaset of Elmer Bernstein’s legendary Film Music Collection! Spanning 13 albums released during the seventies, the series was funded by the composer himself, and recorded with first-rate musicians and recording engineers. Long a Holy Grail among collectors, Bernstein’s re-recorded suites were the only source to enjoy rare, previously unreleased music by Bernard Herrmann, Alfred Newman, Alex North, Miklos Rozsa, Dimitri Tiomkin, and Franz Waxman, and after a nearly 30-year absence, they’re back in a limited set.

BRUCE KIMMEL (soundtack producer / filmmaker) – 2010 – Soundtrack producer Bruce Kimmel discusses releasing the music of Albert Glasser (The Boy and the Pirates) and Hugo Friedhofer (One-Eyed Jacks) on his Kritzerland label.

BRUCE KIMMEL (soundtack producer / filmmaker) – 2008 – Interviewed in June for Kritzerland’s latest CD release, the original recording for Stephen Sondheim’s Evening Primrose, Bruce Kimmel provides some backgound on this rare Sondheim work that’s pretty much been hidden from view since it’s telecast in 1966 on ABC, as part of the network’s short-lived Studio 67 series.




DEREK LAWTON (producer) An interview with CD producer Derek Lawton regarding the production & release of the new 3-disc soundtrack set, The Prisoner: The Complete Chappell Recorded Music Library Cues.3D.




KERRY O’QUINN (soundtrack producer / editor / publisher) During the 1970s and 1980s, Kerry O’Quinn, co-founder of Starlog Magazine, produced a series of notable soundtrack albums that today remain benchmarks of quality and production, plus time capsules of a period when the commercial viability of film music was deemed by some as ‘foolhardy.’ Showcasing the music of Bernard Herrmann, Ferde Grofé, and the still-forgotten Albert Glasser, our lengthy WKME-enhanced conversation chronicles the launch of Starlog Records, it’s unique projects, and O’Quinn’s eventual decision to change careers after a long and fruitful involvement with Starlog‘s diverse enterprises.




DAVID SCHECTER (soundtrack producer) Herman’s Stein’s robust dramatic score for Charles Beaumont’s The Intruder (1962) is discussed in the first of our three-part interview with Monstrous Movie Music producer David Schecter.

In the second of our three-part interview with Schecter, we discuss the premiere release of Ralph Carmichael’s original score for The Blob (1958).

In the third part of our three-part interview, Schecter discusses the Valentino library cues used in the B-movies like The Brain That Wouldn’t Die.

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