JEFF CARNEY (director / writer / producer), JAMES CIRRONELLA (writer/producer) In Part 1 of our look at the original Night of the Living Dead (1968), we talk to director Jeff Carney and producer Jim Cirronella, makers of the new documentary Autopsy of the Dead, which gathers a bevy of never-before interviewed participants from George Romero’s classic zombie film.




MAURICE DEVEREAUX (writer / director / producer) Montreal-based Maurice Devereaux discusses his latest horror film End of the Line, (2006), and the careful steps in finding a distributor for one’s film.

MICHAEL DOUGHTERY (writer / director), DOUGLAS PIPES (composer) .A conversation with composer Douglas Pipes and writer/director Michael Dougherty regarding the art of crafting a perennial Halloween mini-classic, Trick ‘R Treat.




SUKI HAWLEY and MICHAEL GALINSKY (writer / director / producer team) Best known for their startling 2002 documentary, Horns and Halos , directors Suki Hawley and Michael Galinsky have formed their own label to release their first two films: the docu-drama Half-Cocked (1994), and the improvised Spanish language film Radiation (1998).




ADRIENNE MITCHELL (writer / producer / director), JANIS LUNDMAN (writer / producer) Durham County‘s creative team of Adrienne Mitchell and Janis Lundman talk about the genesis ofthe series, characters, and the peculiar world of living in the outer suburbs.

TONI MYERS (editor / producer / director) 2009 is cleary Year of 3D, and in her follow-up film to Deep Sea 3D (2006), producer/editor Toni Myers talks about film music, editing in 3D, and ecological themes in her latest IMAX film, Under the Sea 3D.




STU POLLARD (writer / director / producer) Stu Pollard not only wrote, directed, and produced his first film, Nice Guys Sleep Alone, but self-distributed the production and found a successful formula for shepherding his work through thearical, foreign sales, cable TV, online rental, and home video markets. In this lengthy, WKME-enhanced interview, Pollard discusses his approach to self-distributing his latest film, Keep Your Distance, starring Gil Bellows, Jennifer Westfeldt, Kim Raver, Christan Kane, and Stacy Keach.




SAUL RUBINEK (actor / director) Actor Saul Rubinek discusses the themes, technical challenges, and distribution of his latest directorial venture, Cruel but Necessary, an alluring tale of obsession and redemption, filmed in digital video, and written by star Wendel Meldrum.




CARL SCHMITT (producer) and MARK CAIRNS (director) Detailed 2-part profile of filmmakers Carl Schmitt and Mark Cairns, and the production of their Emmy Award-winning documentary Das Leben geht weiter / Life Goes On, covering the last film effort produced by the Third Reich, lost during the final cataclysmic days of WWII.




DANTE TOMASELLI (writer / director / composer / producer) Since his first feature film in 1999, filmmaker Dante Tomaselli has been working hard to establish a career in the horror realm by creating sometimes impenetrable works which don’t follow the conventional three act template. This interview reveals a passionate and determined filmmaker with a deep interest in experimental and surreal film, yet with each completed production, he’s a bit wiser to the vagaries of the industry, and realistically addresses the business aspects of the process to ensure each project is followed by another to keep the creative juices flowing, and the career moving full steam ahead.




DARRELL WASYK (writer / director / producer) Interview with Darrell Wasyk, who discusses his latest film - The Girl in the WHite Coat (2011), a liberal adaptation of Nikolai Gogol's short story "The Overoat" - and his breakthrough film H (1990).

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