DAVID KALAT / ALL DAY ENTERTAINMENT (producer)  From the Told You So Archives, All Day Entertainment’s David Kalat discusses the ambitious DVD release of Edward Dmytryk’s long-lost film, Christ in Concrete, including the fortuitous events that enabled All Day to assemble a treasure trove of interviews from surviving members of the film’s production. Also touched upon is the 1950s Blacklist period, Edgar G. Ulmer’s Daughter of Dr. Jekyll, and the Dr. Mabuse series.

DON MAY / SYNAPSE FILMS (producer)  From the Told You So Archives, Don May from Synapse Films, talks about the company’s high-profile venture into vintage seventies erotica with Radley Metzger’s classic 1976 film, The Image (aka The Punishment of Anne). May discusses the risks in transferring the original camera negative to DVD, the creation of an isolated music track, and the publicity-shy director himself. Also in our conversation is the DVD production of Jeff Lieberman’s 1976 weirdfest, Blue Sunshine, and the misfortune that can befall original source materials when they’re stored, forgotten, and unceremoniously junked by an uncaring corporate entity.

NICK REDMAN / TWILIGHT TIME (producer) In Part 1 of our profile of home video label Twilight Time, we interview producer / co-founder Nick Redman, and discuss the company's mandate, and the shifting trends as aging studio catalogue titles are increasingly being left to indie labels to distribute, and keep alive.

JULIE KIRGO / TWILIGHT TIME (film historian).In Part 2 of our profile of home video label Twilight Time, film historian Julie Kirgo disscusses her work writing liner notes for the label's releases, and contributing value-added special features for DVD and Blu-rays, including commentary tracks.

RESTORATION OF WILLIAM WALTON’S BATTLE OF BRITAIN, THE  (sound engineer Eric Tomlinson, sound & picture editor Timothy Gee, and soundtrack music producer James Fitzpatrick)  From the Music from the Movies archives comes a chronological examination of Sir William Walton’s dismissal from The Battle of Britain, and the 2-disc Special Edition from MGM Europe Home Video, which contains dual soundtrack mixes: the theatrical soundtrack, featuring Ron Goodin’s replacement score, and an alternate mix with Sir William Walton’s cues from the original multi-track masters.





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