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DVD: Confession (2005)
Film:  Good    
DVD Transfer:  Very Good  
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November 29, 2009



Genre: Drama / Suspense  
A youth plants evidence to redirect a murder investigation at a Catholic boy's school to a teacher.  



Directed by:

Jonathan Meyers
Screenplay by: Jonathan Meyers, Daniel Wright
Music by: Ryan Shore
Produced by: Craig Anderson, Randy Holleschau, Alex P. Yanev

Chris Pine, Cameron Daddo, Bruce Davison, Tom Bosley, Peter Greene, Lukas Behnken, Adam Bussell, Robert Pine, and Kate Vernon.

Film Length: 90 mins
Process/Ratio: 1.66:1
Anamorphic DVD: Yes
Languages:  English Dolby 2.0 Surround
Subtitles:  Spanish
Special Features :  


Comments :

Before his A-level break playing Captain James T. Kirk in 2009's Star Trek reboot, Chris Pine starred in this low-budget production which undoubtedly served as a prime demo reel for Star Trek’s producers. The character of Luther Scott is hardly cut from the same mould as Captain Kirk, but Pine manages to make Luther a tragic character in spite of the fact he’s wholly responsible for his rotten predicament.

Under the moral aura of a Catholic boy's school, Luther is the black marketeer who supplies the boys with all the forbidden fruit: booze, porn, bootlegged movies, and anything else verboten by crusty head master Father Thomas Parker (Bruce Davison). When a classmate David Bennet (Adam Bussell) finks on Luther and his roommate Robbie Willingham (Lukas Behnken), the need for payback causes Luther to literally push hard duringa revenge-prank, tossing David from a bridge onto the asphalt. Rather than own up to the 'accidental' death, Luther takes advantage of the rules of confession by admitting his guilt to father Michael Kelly (Cameron Daddo).

Luther's poker face protects him from the first round of police questioning, but he's also relying on the details of his confession to make Father Kelly appear a smidge guilty in front of detectives Robin Mallory (Kate Vernon, walking through a throwaway part) and Wiliam Fletcher (steely-eyed Peter Greene), the latter a closet victim of religious school abuse that biases the investigation right from the start.

Meyers’ and Daniel Wright’s script is perfectly sound, from the dialogue and characters right through most of the early scenes, but the film gets a bit choppy once scenes are built to cast further suspicions towards Father Kelly. Perhaps hardest to swallow is Detective Mallory’s decision to let her partner follow through with his obsession to shape the case towards Father Kelly, as well as the impromptu Q&A that drags Luther away from bed at night and firms up Fletcher's decision to move towards arresting Kelly.

Pine portrays Luther as a tragically flawed soul in spite of the finale being fairly predictable in the way director Meyers pushes Luther on a path to death-by-cop. There's little doubt of the film's inevitable ending, and the gradual introduction of Kelly’s own tragic past (involving the death of a younger brother) prior to his police arrest is rather cliched.

Meyers’ film has decent production values, from the cinematography to the location work – and Ryan Shore's score stays small, often gliding in and out of scenes to avoid the type of leaden musical melodrama typical of thrillers with a lost and morally dented lamb topping the characters.

There are some fine character nuances Meyers invests between roommates Luther and Robbie, but their storyline kind of gets sidetracked by the police investigation. On the plus side, the performances are fairly steady, particularly veteran TV actors Fletcher (The Usual Suspects), Daddo, Tom Bosley (Charlie’s Angels) and Chris Pine’s father Robert (CHiPs) in a small role.


© 2010 Mark R. Hasan

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