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MP3: No Impact Man - The Documentary (2009)
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Lakeshore Records

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LKS 342952



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August 25, 2012

Tracks / Album Length:

24 tracks / (34:44)



Bobby Johnston


Special Notes:

Available on CD and as a digtal album.

Comments :    

Bobby Johnston’s score for the eco-doc consists of a short group of motifs rather than fully developed themes, mostly performed by acoustic guitar and light percussion. Based around a tight guitar riff, Johnston’s variations include a version with an elliptical melodic line (“Dad’s Dream #2”), and the use of xylophone, soft vocals, and the barest of strings gives the score a strong warm, organic feel (as in the cheery “Community Garden”).

More dramatic cues emphasize rhythmic textures with a bluesy twang, with percussion accompaniment stemming from scrapes, woody taps and shakes. Although most cues are very brief – most seem designed to punctuate transitions and montages rather than underscore long sequences – they do create a sense of accessibility, creating a bridge between the film and viewers with differing ideologies.

The soundtrack album is nicely mastered with a warm analogue sound, and it’s only flaw lies in the score’s fragmented structure; it’s more functional as dramatic underscore than a suite of film themes, and there is a sense of repetition when certain themes and motifs fade up & out with regularity. It’s a fine work, but perhaps the CD would’ve been more accessible as a series of expanded themes.

An interview with the composer is also available.


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