The Bare Basics:

Being a shiny new website, KQEK's ad rates are quite competitive, and reflect our design to carefully address the needs and interests of specific markets and audiences over a planned expansion.

KQEK's four sections - Books on Film, Films on DVD, Film Music, and Related Links - will regularly offer a substantive mix of reviews and articles (see our FAQ), in addition to unique interviews and profiles that offer information sometimes egregiously overlooked by others, and selected DVD reviews from the archives of Told You So Productions (formerly residing at

Our pages have been designed to display five kinds of ad formats: 728x90 Top Banner, 728x90 Bottom Banner, and right-side towers/skyscrapers (120x480, and 120x600), and 468x60 rectangles in select spots.

Each ad should have a pixels per inch resolution no greater than 72. Ready-made art is the ideal, but for a modest fee, we can adapt text, art, and graphic layouts from brochures or websites for the aforementioned banner and tower formats.

Is KQEK right for you? We think so, but in case you've some concerns, we've prepared a rudimentary visual demo that compares services & products related and unrelated to KQEK:


Example A (RELATED)


Example B (UNRELATED):




GIF and JPEG formats are acceptable, and while animated ads are fine, our ideal is Java-coded or art designed via Adobe Image Maker, and not animated GIF files (which slow down the loading time of our already graphically heavy web pages).

For graphic design & layout examples, just press a numbered RED BUTTON below, and a demo page will pop-up in a fresh window:

DEMO: Main Index PageDEMO: DVD Review Index DEMO: Links IndexDEMO: DVD Review Index DEMO: Links Index #2DEMO: DVD Review Index

To close a demo, just scoot to the bottom of a page and click on the flashing 'close this window' icon.


Questions ?

Want more info about rates, payment formats, and other related retentive stuff? Just shoot us an email with your questions, and we'll send an answer - pronto!


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