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CD: Answers to Nothing (2011) Capsule Review FAQ
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Lakeshore Records

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December 20, 2011

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27 tracks / (64:00)


Composer: Craig Richey / various

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Perhaps realizing an album of short instrumental cues isn’t enough for a separate CD release, Lakeshore Records interpolated songs from the film with Craig Richey's very sparse score. The album’s success depends on one’s taste for the artists, of which Brian Vander Ark’s “I Went With the Road” is the best, since its blues and acoustic elements fit well with Richey’s sparsely instrumented cues which tend to offer short bits of genteel harmonics.

Soft electronics surround piano and violin in the eerie “Missing Girl,” whereas more lighthearted piano notes and plucked strings & guitar dominate the ambling rhythm cue “Hard Time in a Cold Room.” More ominous drones and ambient acoustic sounds are in “On the Perpetrator’s Porch,” while strumming strings and piano perform a warmer theme version in Richey’s final cue before a pair of songs close the cleanly mastered album.




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